How to Get Out of Debt and Create Tax-Free Income

Debt is a real problem for so many people. If you are like most Americans, chances are debt is weighing you down and you are trying to figure out how to get out of debt.

Debt Management Baron Group

Without a doubt, being debt-free is not only a requirement for financial freedom but also in most cases what is needed to be able to achieve financial goals and be able to retire.

With the help of Your Family Bank® we teach our clients how get out of debt, including their mortgage, and in most cases we are able to do so in less than nine years.

See below a sample study of an average American couple and how using My Family Bank helped them eliminate debt and changed their life.

Mark and Joyce Study

The real debt report shows that Mark and Joyce have $179,352 in remaining debt plus the interest they will pay of $194,993 gives them a real debt of $374,346. If they continue down this road they will be Debt Free in 29.52 years.

By following the 10 Money Mastery Principles, we are able to get Mark and Joyce out of debt in 9.26 years saving them $133,955 in interest.  Additionally if they continue to make the same monthly payments into Your Family Bank® they would have a $1,028,970 savings balance in 29.52 years.

When they learned how to get out of debt and create tax free income, they realized that it is done without spending any more than they already were spending.

So between being out of debt in 30 years or out of debt and savings of 1 million in 30 years, which would you choose?

Let us get some information about your situation and see how this will work for you.

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