Learn how you can get 50%-70% off the cost of Braces

Medical Savings Account

Most Insurance does not cover the cost of Braces and most dental plans only pay a portion of the cost with low annual limits. What if we can show you how to fund a specially designed Medical Savings account that will match your monthly contributions enough that when you use the VISA debit card linked to that account that you can save as much as 50% off the cost of your braces. Sometimes even more depending on the length of time to complete your treatment and the amount of money you are able to save each month.

I would like to tell you that I came up with some brilliant tax plan that will allow you to put FREE braces on your child, but the truth is I found that I could accelerate my savings each month to get more money available to be matched each month to fit in line with the payment expectation of my daughters Orthodontist completely by accident. Had I actually started saving when my daughter went in for her first consultation, the braces would have been 100% free like then can possibly be for you.

  • I will share what I learned and structure a unique plan designed for your child based on the cost and length of care.

  • I do not charge any fee to do this for you. If you enroll in the program I will receive a small monthly commission the first year if you remain a member

There are so many great benefits that come with this account in addition to the HUGE discounted Braces. You can use the account to pay for the Braces and be done with it, or I can show you how to continue getting up to 50% or more saving on all of your medical, dental, and vision related expenses. It also includes the co-pays and deductibles on your current plan. There are so many benefits to share. Click the link below for some educational videos and other content, or clink the link below to download the FREE brochure. When you are ready to enroll or have a specially designed payment plan prepared for you then click below and schedule a short meeting.

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