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Our Core Values & Beliefs

  • Always question conventional wisdom

  • Never take unnecessary risks

  • Never invest in anything you don't fully understand

  • Educating yourself is the best investment you'll ever make

  • Never rely on others for financial security

  • Always live within your means

  • Treat people the way you would like your family to be treated

  • A reputation takes years to build and minutes to destroy


We are committed to provide integrated and customized financial planning services to meet the needs and objectives of our clients. We coordinate your investments from both a financial and tax planning perspective.


We conduct business to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness. Our goal is to recommend the products and services that preserve and protect our clients’ money in an ever changing economy.


Are you certain you are going to have a great retirement? We help clients get completely out of debt, including their mortgage, and on the road to financial freedom. In most cases we accomplish this in less than nine years.



Brian Schwam - International Tax / US Multi National Compliance

Alex Muchinsky - ExPat Taxation Bitcoin and Crypto

Taxes Made Easy - Audit and Tax Law

BriAnna Cooper - Strategic Partner - Head of Operations

Kevin Kretzmar

Investment Advisor

FINRA Licensed

Amy Baltimore CPA

Chuck Franklin CPA

Don Deasy Trusts & Estates


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Monroe, LA 71201

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