Index Tracking

Instructions to track Index performance, Index Fact Sheet , Index Video

  • Everything can be clicked to provide more information

    • Click the Company will take you to the home page so you can register for your online access. Use those credentials to link the account in the CLIENT PORTAL

    • Click the product for the PRODUCT BROCHURE

    • Click the black letter index links and it will take you to a live quote page with interactive charts to track the performance

    • Click the PDF link under each Index for detailed index information

    • Click the video link to watch the video specific to that product and index choices.

      • The Guggenheim TryVista and the North American Fidelity Multifactor Index are the only movie Links at this time

Minnesota Life

Eclipse IUL

Mutual Trust Life

Your Family Bank

Liberty Bankers

USA 500

American Equity

Bonus Gold

Retirement Gold

National Western

Ultra Classic

Uitra Future

Is an FIA right for you? FIA benefits, How accumulation works.

FIA = Fixed Index Annuity