Is MAX right for me?

Max helps you earn more, even as rates change

Keep the benefits of your existing bank while earning higher yield with online banks

Earn up to 0.60%, FDIC-insured

  • Earn market-leading rates

  • Increase FDIC insurance coverage, up to $9 million per couple

  • Open new accounts in as little as 60 seconds with just a few clicks (no need for logins, passwords, trial deposits, or endless form-filling)

  • Year-end tax forms delivered to your inbox in a single PDF

How it works

  1. Fund Max’s integrated checking account to earn more on a set amount of cash OR link your existing checking account and tell Max how much to keep there each month

  2. Use the Max Common Application to open high-yield savings accounts

  3. Each month, Max allocates your cash to the banks with the highest rates, so you always earn the highest yield

Max costs 2 basis points (0.02%) per quarter, or $20 per $100,000 held in your savings accounts, subject to a minimum fee of $12 every 3 months.

No other costs or fees!

Introducing Max

Max Client Handout.pdf

Do you have more than $100,000 sitting in banks earning nothing? MAX can help.

MAX is Simple

MAX is Secure

MAX works automatically

How to set up your MAX account

Can I keep my existing bank accounts?

Yes! Max is not a bank and never takes custody of your funds. Max simply helps you earn more interest on the cash in your existing bank accounts and any additional accounts that you may choose to open.

Guide to the MAX client Dashboard

How secure is Max? How does Max protect my privacy?

We value your privacy and security and have gone to great lengths to protect your personal information and your accounts. Max encrypts all data, employs multi-factor authentication, and is tested regularly by experts in cybersecurity. Max never takes custody of your funds and Max does not sell your personal information to third parties. Learn more about our commitment to privacy and security.

How much does Max cost?

Membership in Max costs just 0.02% per quarter, or $20 per $100,000 held in your savings accounts, subject to a minimum of $12 every 3 months.