A Holistic Approach to Tax Savings and Financial Planning

Our Process is Simple


Discovery Process

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.   We agree.    We start by creating a visual experience that displays your household...who is important to you, what resources will be available, both now and in the future, to use towards your financial goals.   An intuitive, simplified overview of your financial situation can help you make more informed decisions about your future.


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What is a Fiduciary?

A FIDUCIARY  is required to do what is in the clients best interest.  It must put all personal motives, gains, or conflicts of interest aside to insure they are acting in the most honest and trustworthy manner.   

The Baron Group is a Retirement and Tax planning Insurance agency,   that is we are not legally held to the fiduciary standard under the current law.   At the Baron Group we do what is in our client's best interest, to conduct business to the highest standards of honesty, integrity,  and fairness, and go above and beyond what is required.   We recommend the products and services that preserve and protect our client's interest in an ever changing world.   

LA Tax Advisors helps Baron Group Clients with ADVANCED TAX SAVING STRATEGIES  with YEAR round TAX CUNSULTING.

Our Core Values & Beliefs

We Will Build a Path to Mitigate Taxes and to Help You Navigate Your Financial Future

Here is What you Can Expect


Organize and Understand

We will learn the ins and outs of your current financial picture.  We ask that you bring important documents to out initial meeting, or securely upload them to our shared VAULT in our client portal to help us determine how we may best  assist you.


Strategize and Educate

Using the information you've provided us,  we will develop a realistic roadmap specifically designed to help you reach your goals, and trying to take the least amount of risk in the process.


Gain Clarity and Take Action

Once you are comfortable with the tax strategies and solutions we have presented, we will help you implement your plan and get everything in place. 


Review and Adjust

Here is where we start not end.  Once your plan is in place, we will continue to develop our relationship as we monitor, review, and adjust your plan as needed to continue to keep your plan aligned with your goals and the changing world.

Retirement Planning and a Tax Efficient Distribution Strategy

2023 tax planning ideas

Precise planning so that you know exactly how much Income you can handle before knocking you to a higher bracket.

Analyze and know exactly what taking certain capital losses or capital gains will do to your tax return!  Precise tax loss selling.


Bitcoin has  been the topic of discussion in 2021.   It  climbed to over $50,000 USD and has traded between $30,000 and $63,000 all year.    Bitcoin is being mentioned in the media  and  by clients and prospects  and they are  asking a lot of the same questions.   We are trying to provide ways to help educate you so that if you move into the space then you will have the tools to make good decisions and keep your holding safe.   The Baron Group  does not give investment advise  or  offer any Bitcoin or Bitcoin products, and this is only for educational purposes.   We are happy to refer you to companies that are licensed  to help  with your Bitcoin needs and below are a couple of links  that will explain those programs.      OUR BITCOIN WEBPAGE

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